About Us

Joseph Crops For Export it was founded in 2020 as a grower and producer of Herbs, Spices and Seeds, then we started manufacturing our own production to afterwards we decided to export our own production ourselves as we are known all over Egypt that we are the specialists in these fields to present Good Quality for competitive prices .

Our work starts from growing and ends with delivery at the customers' warehouse. We maintain large product raw materials in our own warehouse facilities.


Its experience in this field goes back to 2001. Its reputation for quality, efficiency and fulfillment of commitment is worldwide known. It usually deals with three different categories of herbs and seeds; conventional, EU Compliant, certified organic.

Our mission

Our mission is to achieve quality access to international markets. So we keen to make attention to our farmers and suppliers in constant contact with them before and during the Agriculture especially in the seasons of harvest until it is arriving to the factory for avoiding a lot of problems.
In our factory we have lab and experts in quality; they examine the products accurately before receiving it. To ascertain the extent of matching virtual product with specifications required, then send samples of these products to the central laboratories for analysis in the case of non-matching it is returned to suppliers.


Reasonable & competitive prices which are generated as a result of economy of scale we achieved for years, our major customers are regularly receiving a periodic featured price list of available items / format based on consideration of market competition orientation strategy, categorized upon distinction of markets criteria and customer requirements.